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Based in Wuxi ( close to Shanghai ), Entrematic not only provides a wide range of docking equipment such as sectional overhead doors, high speed doors, dock levellers and dock seals but also offers professional installation and maintenance services.

Sectional overhead doors

An overhead door runs alongside the building,horizontally or vertically,thus requiring minimal space.It has a much better K-value for insulation,which keeps out the climate and reduces your energy costs.

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High Speed Doors

The opening and closing speed is very fast for high speed doors,it can improve operating efficiency and save energy costs.The door is suitable for precision electronics,food production areas and etc.

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Dock leveller

Dock leveller supplies an unobstructed passage between the plant floor and the truck,it makes drivers convenient on loading and unloading. It is easy to use, provides a smoother transition, requires less maintenance, and has a lower cost for ownership.

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Dock seal & Dock shelter

Dock seal and dock shelter provides a tight seal at the top and sides of the door to prevent the dust and dirty. Application to the logistics center and other regions, to ensure unimpeded loading and unloading operations.

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